Construction Materials Testing, Construction Materials Engineering Council, CMEC, FDOT, Laboratory Services

Within our Construction Material Testing Department, we operate a Construction Material Engineering Council (CMEC) and Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) accredited laboratory with a full range of testing capabilities.

Laboratory Services

Soils Moisture Content
Carbonate Content
Organic Content
Unified, AASHTO and USDA Soils Classification
Sieve Analysis
Atterberg Limits
Soils Moisture/Density Relationship Test
Limerock Bearing Ratio
Portland Cement Concrete Beam Flexural and Compressive Strength Test
Asphaltic Concrete Extraction, Gradation, and Marshal Stability Test
LA Abrasion Test
pH and Soil Resistivity Analysis
Materials Testing


Field Services

Nuclear Density Tests
Sand Cone Density Test
Horizontal and Vertical Permeability Tests
Structural Steel, Bolt, and Weld Inspections*
Concrete, Grout, and Mortar Tests
Floor Flatness/Floor Levelness Tests
Sinkhole Grout Remediation Monitoring
Asphaltic and Portland Cement Concrete Coring
Rebar Placement Verification Prior to Concrete*
Verification of Rebar in Concrete*

*SBCCI/State Certified Building Inspector on Staff

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