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Geotechnical services consist of subsurface soils evaluations for the purposes of foundation design, roadway design, water retention/detention basin design, sinkhole evaluation, and other geo-engineering applications linked to pre and post construction activities.  We also are an industry leader in forensic evaluation of distressed structures such as roadways or buildings.

Geotechnical Engineering

Sinkhole Evaluation and Remediation
Preliminary Geotechnical Site Evaluations
Geotechnical Suitability of Proposed Foundation Designs
Recommended Site Preparation Procedures
Suitability of Native Soils for Construction Purposes
Evaluation of Soils for Existing and Proposed Roadways
Verification of Site Preparations
Forensic Geotechnical Evaluations
Environmental Soil Sampling
Groundwater Analysis and Elevation Surveys
Septic Site Evaluations & Engineer Designed Septic Systems

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